Meetings and Awards

2022/05/11-13 The next annual meeting of the French clay group will be held in Paris.
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2022/07/22-29 The nextInternational Clay Conference will be held in Istanbul (Turkey) on behalf ofAIPEA jointly by the Clay Science Society (Turkey) and the Clay Minerals Society (USA).
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2022/10/24-28 : The next "Matériaux" conference will be held in Lille (France). Of special interest for the clay coimmunity is colloquium #10 (Porous and finely divided materials, materials with large specific surface area).
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2022/12/17-21 : Tunisian and Italian clay groups are organizing jointly a conference devoted to "Clays applications & valorisation" in Hammamet (Tunisia).
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2023/summer : The next EUROCLAY meeting will be organized on behalf of ECGA by the Italian clay group in Southern Italy.
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2021/10/14-15 : The Clay Minerals Society (USA) organizes an International Workshop on Clay Minerals in Healthcare Applications. This workshop will be held on line.
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2022/05/11-13 The next annual meeting of the French clay group will be held in Paris.
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The French clay group proposes a biannual honorary prize to reward and encourage a young researcher who distinguishes herself/himself by a career and work that make her/him a talented specialist in one of the fields related to Clay science. This prize was established in 2020 and is intended to highlight the career of young scientists who combine originality, excellence, and momentum.


Any researcher, without condition of nationality, whose professional activity is dedicated to research in all scientific fields involving clays can apply. The candidate must i) have defended his or her thesis for at least five years at the date of submission of the application, ii) be 40 years of age or younger at the time of submission of the application, and iii) carry out research activities in a company or a public or private organization. The age criterion will be extended by one year per child for female applicants.

Awardees (GFA young clay scientist award)

2020 : Fabien Hubert (IC2MP - Poitiers)
Fabien Hubert's research activity is dedicated to the study of clays in natural surface environments. His initial training in soil science led him to specialize in the study of soil clay mineralogy. The general framework of his research aims at better describig the mineralogy of clays to deduce the processes of soil formation and to explain their current functioning (reactivity, transformations).